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Tom Zelger

I am a visual storyteller and artist currently living in Lund, Sweden.

After growing up and finishing school in the very southeast of Germany I moved to Berlin, where I started some technical studies. At the same time my already existing interest in intersectional politics, photography and art was shaping and increasing very strong. I finally quit my studies, moved to Hanover, Germany where I started studying 'Photojournalism and Documentary Photography' in 2015. During my studies I was already working for different Newspapers and Magazines in Germany. In early 2022 and after some photo project - and work related relocations to Tunis and Cologne, I finally finished my BA studies. Today I am participating in the MA program in 'Contemporary Photography' at Valand Academy in Gothenburg and will finish these studies in Summer 2024.


In my work I am combining social documentary photography with intersectional approaches. Also, I am visualizing conceptual ideas by including theories from the field of sustainability, gender, class and decolonialism in the creative process.


Exhibition "Emerging from Obscurity - A political approach on a sustainable Future in private and professional Spheres"
Galleri Format, Malmö, Sweden

Part of the group exhibition "LAST WEEK OF CLARITY", MFA students, HDK-Valand - University of Gothenburg


Exhibition ”Beyond Chaos – A Photo Documentary of Anarchist Lives in Europe”
Galerie für Fotografie (GAF) ‚Eisfabrik‘, Hannover, Germany
Part of the group exhibition ”ZWISCHENZEIT“, BA graduates, Hochschule Hannover


2nd place for a photography documentary in the genre ‘People’

Maghreb Photography Awards



Portfolio Presentation

Lumix Festival for Young Visual Journalisms, Hannover, Germany

Selected among applicants for a portfolio presentation during the festival


2nd place for a photography documentary in the genre ‘Editorial: Daily Life’

Maghreb Photography Awards

Exhibition at 'Galleri Format' in Malmö
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