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Emerging from Obscurity

The series is an experimental approach to find possible sustainable ways to involve one’s natural surroundings into private and professional life. It shows photographs of different forests and people with a strong connection to them. Through the use of respective biochemical substances - such as liquids from plants and water from creeks and lakes - during the developing process of the analog film the individual ‚fingerprints‘ of the forests become visible: colors start to merge correspondingly while in some cases the content of the image partially occurs. Simultaneously the structure of the film surface     changes or got destroyed what leads to a unique visible pattern in the digitalized pictures. This interaction of visible, erased and individually created content forces the viewer to challenge their perspective while leaving behind the human-made reality to find oneself in an imaginary and unknown world again.

By using that procedure I am symbolically establishing an artisticcollaboration between nature and myself based on politicalvalues. Involving nature itself in the process of creating art shows its potential and its unique character which is worth taking care of.

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